Gliding – April 20

We have the names that have been accepted for gliding on April 20th.

The following cadets have been accepted; if you cannot attend reach out to via email to as soon as possible so we can put another cadet on the list.


Drop off: 0845 hrs
Pick up: 1200 hrs
Location: 87 Eagle

  1. LAC Augustine
  2. Cdt Austen
  3. Cdt Baig
  4. LAC Benson
  5. Cdt Blanchard
  6. Cdt Boon
  7. Cdt Dalcourt
  8. Cdt Denommee
  9. Cdt Eden
  10. LAC Herbert
  11. LAC Johnson
  12. Cdt Johnstone
  13. FCpl Lutomski
  14. FCpl Marges
  15. LAC Bradberry


Drop off: 1245 hrs
Pick up: 1600 hrs
Location: 87 Eagle

  1. FCpl Mulley
  2. Cdt Nyforovsky
  3. LAC OBrien
  4. Cdt Paillé
  5. Cpl Philome
  6. LAC Romero
  7. Cdt Saliy
  8. Cdt Singh
  9. Cdt Taylor
  10. LAC Troup
  11. LAC Van Den Brink
  12. Cdt Vani
  13. Cdt Willick
  14. AC Newman
  15. AC Schneider

Important Information

Make sure you dress for the weather. It is always considerably more cold on the flight line. This includes wearing boots as the airfield (which we will be spending most of our time on) is currently very wet.

Cadets not dressed for the weather and that do not have proper foot wear will not be flying and will be sent home.

Make sure to bring:

  • Health Card
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Toque, gloves/mitts if needed
  • Jacket
  • Boots

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