Saturday Annual Ceremonial Review

All cadets and cadet families;

Please read the following 3 points:

1. Saturday Annual Practice Starts 0830

All cadets are to be at the cadet hall at 0830hrs Saturday morning:

  • In civilian clothing (dress for the weather)
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Health card
  • Uniform in a garment bag
  • Static displays completed, and
  • Have had breakfast

Important Notes

  • Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) is a mandatory parade for all cadets. Cadets must attend in order to complete their level, and go into the subsequent level next year. If you are unable to attend, you must request permission from the CO, in-writing:
  • Arrive in civilian clothing for practice. You will be getting changed after lunch into the uniform of the day, and
  • Lunch will be provided

Work on uniforms this week, especially BOOTS!

We will not have time to work on uniforms on Saturday. The Annual Ceremonial Review is a formal parade, and dress must look exceptional.

2. Guest Information for Annual on May 25

It is recommended for spectators to arrive at 1330hrs to grab seating, ready for 1400hrs parade start. Please bring chairs as we do not have enough to accommodate all guests.

3. Additional Tickets Info for the Awards Nights on May 29

We will be handing out additional tickets for the Awards Night on a first-come-first-served basis this Wednesday. If you were not able to get tickets this past Wednesday reach out to our Admin Officer BEFORE Wednesday:

We are looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday!

Awards Night Ticket Reminder

As previously announced, this year we are hosting an Awards Night on Wednesday, May 29th at the Welland Legion. We will be celebrating the training year, giving out some awards and recognition, and enjoying some light refreshments.

Get your tickets this Wednesday:

– We are limited in seating, so we will be handing out tickets this week.
– Each Cadet will be permitted to grab up to 2 tickets for family members.
– Cadets do not need a ticket, as this is a mandatory event.
– There is no cost to this event, however, non-cadets must have a ticket to attend.

We will then be releasing a second batch of tickets the following week on a first come first serve basis.

Come see the office to collect your tickets.

Wednesday Reminder

All Cadets;

This Wednesday will be civilian dress. Cadets will be working on their static displays (see below), and watching a movie.

Static Displays

From FSgt Filion:

Reminder by this Wednesday all static display plans have to be complete and handed in to FSgt Filion. 

We will have dedicated time for you to work on your static displays physical board. We ask that you bring any materials you may need to be able to work on your project : paint, markers, glue, tape, scissors, materials to build any models and anything else that sparks your creativity. Please talk within your group to properly determine which cadets are responsible to bring what.

If you’re not sure who is in your group, please contact FSgt Filion via Teams or email:

Here is the guide to help you complete your static display : 

  1. Plan – Create a document that holds : 
    1- Your topic and chosen title
    2- Your main points. (What will your static display consist of? What are you talking about?)       
    3- Text for each point (Senior Cadets will be checking for Grammar, authenticity, and factual information.)
    4- Pictures and any models or props you might need to create or bring (Are you going to have pictures? What pictures? Are you going to make a model? Out of what? What materials do you need?)
  2. Preparation – You should have your titles, text, and pictures printed out, ready to start gluing it to your board. You should have your models and/or props ready to create, build if needed.
  3. Then this Wednesday: You will assemble it Put together all your pictures, writing, etc. on the board. Create your models or other creations, add colour, and whatever else sparks your creativity. Finish creating your static display to have a final product to hand in on the 22 of May.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Message from the Parent Sponsoring Committee

Baked goods are still needed for our Purse Bingo fundraiser. Baked goods can be dropped off on Wednesday night. Volunteers will be ready to accept baked good donations at the beginning of cadets.

Baked goods can also be dropped off at the Legion on Friday between 2-5 p.m.

Please see Natalie if you have any questions. Natalie can also be reached at