Annual Dinner Tickets and Parents Meeting Tonight


Annual Dinner Tickets

Please note that the RSVP listed on the bottom of the Annual Invite is not the same as the purchasing tickets.

Tickets are available tonight (before and after training) at the back Parents Table. See CV Owen Gifford.

The Annual Dinner is great chance for cadet families to meet and enjoy a meal together, and will include additional year-end awards, promotions, and medals for the cadets. It is highly encouraged for each family to attend, or at least, have the cadet attend.

Tickets are limited, so please make sure to grab them sooner than later. The last day to grab your tickets is next week.

Cadets: $8
Children under 12: $8
Adults: $15

Doors open at 1630 hrs at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 4, Welland.

Parents Meeting Tonight

There is an Squadron Sponsoring Committee meeting for all cadet families tonight starting at 6:30, upstairs, to discuss the Annual Ceremonial Review, Annual Dinner Banquet, and start planning for next year. Attendance is encouraged.

Annual Invitation

The printed version of the invite went home with your cadets over the last couple weeks, however, here is a digital version. Hope to see you all there!

Thank you,

Capt C. Bowman
Commanding Officer

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