Range Competition Information (For Range Team Only)

General Updates

Range Competition Details:


Where: Robert Land Academy (6727 South Chippawa Rd, Wellandport). Drop off/pick up will be via the 3rd driveway (competition being held in the gym).

Time: Arrival no later than 8:00 a.m., Pick Up: 2:00 p.m.

Dress is appropriate civilian attire. Please bring your health card, water bottle, snacks and activities for down time (i.e. board games, cards). Lunch will be provided. Unfortunately there is no area for parent viewing. Please direct any questions to Captain Norio.

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Reg Cadets Training Night 01 March 2023

General Updates
Wed 1 MarchReg Training Night
Cadets are reminded to bring their issued cadet parka, black gloves and toque, as there can be activities outside (weather permitted)
Timing: 1830 hrs -2100 hrs
Cadet Dress: C5
Officer Dress: CADPAT
Duty O: Lt Silva

Monthly Routine orders for March will be released at the end of March 01 2023

Thank you

Lt Silva

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