Summer Training Application Form

Summer training offers an opportunity for cadets to travel to new areas and meet other cadets, while learning skills for personal development. Courses available for application are primarily based on the cadets completed training level, by the end of the training year.

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Review the full list of courses including length of each course, and then apply using the following form:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of each course?

The dates for summer training have yet to be released.

How much does it cost to attend?

There is not cost to apply or attend summer training courses. The following is covered: meals, transportation to and from, training supplies, and a small weekly training bonus given to the cadet, great for canteen purchases.

How will my cadet get to and from the training location?

CTC courses for Level 2 and up will have transportation provided to and from the course, most likely from the Pen Centre.

What can cadets expect for CTC courses?

CTC (Cadet Training Centre) courses are offered to cadets in Level 2 and up. Cadets will be arrive at the CTC location usually on Saturday or Sunday before the course start date (Monday). For most summer CTC experiences, Cadets stay at the CTC location in barracks, will eat with other cadets in the Mess hall, will train daily between breakfast and dinner, and will have free time during the evenings to spend time with friends.

Is summer training mandatory?

Summer training is an optional experience for Cadets. Summer training provides a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with learning, challenge, friendship, and exciting opportunities. Although it is not mandatory, Cadets that successfully complete summer training may have a higher chance of being accepted to more advanced summer training courses in the future, and will have more knowledge and specialist skills to bring back to their local unit.