Announcements (Sept 3)

Mandatory OPC Tickets and Assessments Fees

Please see Jody Kelder ASAP to pay the mandatory OPC Ticket and Assessment fees of $100 ($50 for tickets, $50 for assessment fee). When you pay the fee you will receive one book of OPC Tickets which can be sold to recoup $50 of the fees you paid.

If payment arrangements are needed, please speak with Jody Kelder.

Contact Jody:


All Instructors: Next weeks classes are posted: WTR 10-Sep-14

Remember to look up your class BEFORE next week (See IG’s under the Resources page) and create your Lesson Plan. Lesson Plans for next weeks classes are due at 18:30 on my desk next week.

OCdt Bowman

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Marksmanship Training Day – January 4, 2014

Our Annual Marksmanship Training Day is on Saturday January 4, 2014 at 900 hrs to 17:00 hrs at the cadet hall.

This training day is mandatory, and all cadets are expected to be in attendance. Please eat breakfast in the morning. Lunch will be provided.

Instructors: if you are unable to attend please notify myself, OCdt Bowman, as soon as possible.

I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas/Holidays and a happy New Year.

– OCdt Bowman

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