Monthly Routine Orders (MRO)

MROs contain details on all mandatory and complementary training activities for the month. MROs are issued by the Commanding Officer (CO) in the week prior to the beginning of the month they are effective for.


September 2022Routine-Order-No-09-22
October 2022Routine-Order-No-10-22
November 2022Routine-Order-No-11-22
December 2022Routine-Order-No-12-22
January 2023Routine-Order-No-13-22
February 2023Routine-Order-No-14-22
March 2023Routine-Order-No-15-22
April 2023Routine-Order-No-16-22
May 2023Routine-Order-No-17-22
June 2023Routine-Order-No-18-22