Announcements (Sep 17)

General Updates

Next Week (Sep 24)

Next week will be out-of-uniform. All Level 2s and above need to wear appropriate running shoes and clothing for physical testing. Level 1s and up as always are to wear appropriate civilian attire that is not offensive.

Battle of Britain Parade

September 21, 2014 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Welland Wellness Centre (Meet behind Welland Arena)
145 Lincoln Street
Welland, ON L3C

You should be in full uniform, with your short sleeve shirt ironed in case we need to go into summer dress. Make sure you have eaten lunch before you arrive. Lunch will NOT be provided.

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Announcements (Sept 3)

General Updates

Mandatory OPC Tickets and Assessments Fees

Please see Jody Kelder ASAP to pay the mandatory OPC Ticket and Assessment fees of $100 ($50 for tickets, $50 for assessment fee). When you pay the fee you will receive one book of OPC Tickets which can be sold to recoup $50 of the fees you paid.

If payment arrangements are needed, please speak with Jody Kelder.

Contact Jody:


All Instructors: Next weeks classes are posted: WTR 10-Sep-14

Remember to look up your class BEFORE next week (See IG’s under the Resources page) and create your Lesson Plan. Lesson Plans for next weeks classes are due at 18:30 on my desk next week.

OCdt Bowman

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Summer Training Centre Joining Instructions

General Updates

Please find attached the Joining Instructions for Trenton and Blackdown. Within the package are forms that must be filled out and taken with you. The most important is the Cadet Transportation Form. It needs to be provided to the escort officer when you leave.

As well you now require a copy of your Offer of Participation. I will be present on your departure day to provide you with this.

Cadets must travel in uniform – pants, short sleeve shirt, wedge, belt and boots. You do not need to bring your tie or tunic to camp. Please ensure you have your health card.

Please note that the Joining Instructions indicate that the squadron will be providing you with some items – this is not the case. If you want to purchase t-shirts – plain navy blue is what is to be worn.

Once I have your travel information I will contact you.

If you have questions, please contact me.

Thank you
Capt Norio

Joining Instructions

Course Cadet Common JI (Trenton)
Course Cadet Common JI (Blackdown)

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