St John Ambulance Provincial First Aid Competition

Saturday, May 11th, 2024 from 0700 – 1800 hours (7:00AM – 6:00PM).
Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute located at 2025 Courtney Park Dr, Mississauga, ON

1 of our First Aid Teams qualified at the Zone Competition in March to attend the Provincial First Aid Competition.  This is an exciting opportunity for our FA Team to showcase their skills, and two other cadets will be attending to be casualties for this province wide competition.

You can read more about this 100+ year old Provincial First Aid Competition at OMFRC.

Congratulation and Good Luck to our FA Team this coming weekend!

First Aid Team Reminder

CONGRATULATIONS to all First Aid Team members who competed in this past weekend at the St John Ambulance ~ Ontario Medical First Response Zone Competition, and THANK YOU to all Cadets who volunteered to be casualties.

REMINDER that the entire First Aid Team is now on a well earned 2 WEEK BREAK.

Our NEXT Training Night is after March Break on MONDAY, MARCH 18TH!

Enjoy you “downtime”, when we regroup in 2 weeks, we will start the planning for your “Dynamic Display” at our upcoming Annual Cadet Review in May, which every team member will be part of! This is your opportunity to show your families all the new skills you’ve learned since this year.

“CONGRATULATION” again, we are all proud of each of you.

Yours in Safety, 2Lt Carter

FTU’s for Tonight

REMINDER: the dress for this evening is FTU’s (Green Tunic & Pants, Blue T-shirt, Beret & MP Boots).

NOTE: If you do NOT have FTU’s come in C3B Summer Dress (Blue Pants, Short Sleeve Shirt, Wedge & Parade Boots).