NF Trip Reminder

Good afternoon everyone,

Just a few last minute reminders for tonights trip:

  1. Drop-off and pick-up will be at the hotel entrance
  2. Eat dinner before you come tonight
  3. Optionally bring cash; cadets will have the opportunity to buy snacks tonight and tomorrow
  4. Optionally bring sleeping bags and/or air mattresses; we are 4 to a room, so some may choose to sleep on the floor
  5. If anyone needs to get ahold of their cadet, call the 87 LHQ number: 905-732-2083
  6. Bring your health card

Drop-off: 5:00pm Friday, June 2
Pick-up: 3:30pm Saturday, June 3
Location: Skyline Hotel & Waterpark, 4800 Bender St, Niagara Falls

See you at 5!

Capt C. Bowman
Commanding Officer

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