Sponsoring Committee

Please allow me to introduce myself as the Chair of the Welland Air Cadets, Squadron Sponsoring Committee.

The Welland Air Cadets has been a mainstay in this area for over 60 years; instructing local young people in citizenship, discipline, leadership and transferable life skills.

Literally thousands of young men and women have completed the training offered by our Squadron and have gone on to lead successful and fulfilling lives feeling they owe much of their personal achievements to the foundation set in the Cadet movement.

Unlike many youth groups, the Welland Air Cadets are not sponsored by any service groups. We are sponsored by the parents and guardians of the Cadets themselves, the elected executive, being a group of dedicated and resourceful volunteers relying completely on donations from the public. Through their ingenuity and inventiveness 87 Eagle Squadron continues to thrive in a difficult economy but with over 2000 charitable groups and organizations in the Niagara area, each vying for donation dollars it is becoming increasingly difficult to generate monies over and above our basic operating requirements.

Vera Kalenuik
Parent’s Sponsoring Committee
87 Eagle Squadron, Welland Air Cadets

Executive Members

Vera Kalenuik Chair (vkalenuik@cogeco.ca)
Jody Kelder Deputy Chair
Donald Thorpe Treasurer
Lisa Berriault Secretary
Dave McKee Building & Maintenance